Sunday, October 2, 2022

Meet our Pudding Cream - part three


Editor's Note: Introducing Meet Me Mondays - Candy Version!  I am Britta Malsch, the Purchasing Manager at Anderson's Candy Shop.  I also help the Andersons with social media duties.  As I enter my 10th year at the store, another one of my goals has been to help introduce each of our delicious candies to our wonderful customers, while also providing a tool for the general public to be able to identify our candy.  I hope you enjoy this series which will highlight all the Anderson's Candy that you love!   

Third in our series is Pudding.

Pudding cream is a cream center we refer to as the “dark side” of Buttercream.  
Our Pudding creams start out as a perfectly respectable vanilla buttercream batch, but then we add a blend of our signature chocolate and a secret ingredient, and the result is a sinfully smooth and chocolaty cream with bittersweet undertones.  

So rich, this cream is almost considered a truffle. 

When in candy bar form, the Pudding comes rolled and dipped in to two patties -
it’s almost too rich to finish in one sitting, though you see I did say “almost.” 

You can identify the Pudding candy bar by the beautiful "bows" on top of each piece.  If you are looking for an individual Pudding piece, you could look for a bow again, but it will not be Pudding inside. Like it’s cousin creams we have already featured, this piece has a different mark when in piece form.

To find the individual Pudding piece in your next box of chocolates, look for an oblong shape with a letter “P” on top, which stands for… you guessed it, Pudding.  

Fun and delicious fact: When third-generation owner Leif Anderson was in grade school, he would sneak this candy bar as an after-school treat. When Leif would check in at the shop on his way home, he would back up to the box that held the Pudding bars and sneak one into his pocket. Any employees that saw him smiled and knowingly "looked the other way."

Extra fun and delicious fact: Pudding is GLUTEN FREE! 

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