Monday, November 15, 2010

Your memories!

One of the great things about the Internet is that with it Anderson's Candy Shop has gained the ability to share stories and connect with our friends all over the country!

In the previous Chocolate Chat post, Susanne Anderson shared one of her favorite memories from growing up in the Anderson family.

We've decided it would be a nice idea to follow that up with sharing some of your favorite memories of our candy shop. The following are some memories that our friends and fans have shared via our Facebook page and website! We hope you enjoy them as much as we did :)

So, without further ado...

"I used to have a paper route when I was a kid. Every week I would take my tips and go to Andersons for a candy bar or two... back then they were 26 cents with tax!! My favorites were the pudding and the rice krispy bar. YUM!"
- Tina Petersen Coull

"I used to live across the street to the late Charles Anderson and he always had a pantry full of Anderson's candy. Every time my sister and I would go over there, he would let us pick out one candy bar each. He got us hooked at a very young age."
- Kathy Pierce

"I was raised on Anderson's chocolates, since my Grandma Letah was a "dipper" for many, many years. Her clothes, hair, skin all smelled like chocolate! And we had the best Easter baskets ever - including plenty of my favorite, Buttercream Eggs. I'm happy that the business is still in the family - especially MY family :)"
- Jill Murtagh

"I grew up in Richmond, IL, knowing the original Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. My parents put Anderson's chocolates in my Easter basket. I've lived in northern WI for over 45 years, have tasted many other brands of candy but have never found one with the same delicious and high quality as Anderson's. Over the years, whenever my family was able to visit IL, it always meant a stop to my favorite candy shop."
- by Elizabeth Morris

"My mom used to purchase the mint meltaways for my sister every Christmas! She would also send chocolates to my grandma in FL...they NEVER showed up all melted! It was amazing!"
- Shelli Metzger Eder

"My Aunty works there. I always enjoy my trips there and looking at all the neat stuff in the shop. I really enjoy watching the ladies in the back hand dip the chocolates. so fun!"
- Karen Ziegler

Thanks for sharing! We'd love to here even more memories so post them below or e-mail to share :)