Monday, October 10, 2022

Meet our Peppermint Cream - part four

 Editor's Note: Introducing Meet Me Mondays - Candy Version!  I am Britta Malsch, the Purchasing Manager at Anderson's Candy Shop.  I also help the Andersons with social media duties.  As I enter my 10th year at the store, another one of my goals has been to help introduce each of our delicious candies to our wonderful customers, while also providing a tool for the general public to be able to identify our candy.  I hope you enjoy this series which will highlight all the Anderson's Candy that you love!  Fourth in our series is Peppermint Cream.

When third-generation owner Leif Anderson used to flavor this cream center, he would sample as he went, adding triple distilled peppermint oil a few drops at a time when he felt the flavor was close.

"When you take a bite of this cream, it should open up your nasal passages," he would say. He wanted enough peppermint oil so that you would fully experience the powerful peppermint flavor and so that it would stand out even through a thick coat of Anderson's rich chocolate.
Cooks at Anderson's will never forget being taught how to properly flavor this center by Leif. 

The Peppermint Creams at our shop start out as a "blank" cream center - never gummy or waxy, we use whole cream in our recipe. We also hand spade all of our cream centers until they are smooth, and then add the nature oils or flavors.

If you are a York Peppermint Patty fan, once you've had our Peppermint Cream Bar you will never go back. 

Unlike the other cream center candy bars which at different times throughout the history of the shop have been presented as one oblong bar verses two patties - our Peppermint Cream bars have always been rolled in to two patties and dipped in two halves. This is due to the cream center's potency.

Looking at the candy bar from the top down, you will notice it wears the "rough dip", and wears it well. ;)  

Hopefully you aren't still looking for this candy bar's smaller counterpart to be strutting out of a box of Anderson's Candy wearing the SAME mark as the bar. No way. Like the other cream centers, the Peppermint Cream when made into an individual piece has a different mark on top.

 In your box of cream centers you would search for a small round piece (all cream center pieces are either round or oblong), with a line straight across the top.

 But be careful, if you find a piece that you think is Peppermint Cream, but isn't quite round, or seems flat on the top, that's because you've likely found a Walnut instead.

 Identifying the candies  by their mark takes practice, but once you figure it out, it's a piece of cake. 

Fun Facts: Peppermint Cream is most popular in Dark Chocolate. 

We have a family who lives locally (Hi Katzenbergs!) that orders several pounds of JUST Peppermint Creams for major holidays and birthdays because it is their family's favorite. We are so thrilled to be part of their traditions!

Peppermint Cream is also GLUTEN FREE! 

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