Friday, November 11, 2011

Resisting temptation

When people find out that I am part of a family that has been making chocolate candies for four generations, they always ask some version of, "Do you ever get sick of the chocolate?"

The answer is NEVER.

I have been sneaking, snacking and gorging myself on our candy since I was a little girl.

In fact, it is actually hard for me to understand when customers tell us that they can make a box of our candy last a whole month in their house.

Not because it won't stay fresh that long, but because I would simply devour all of it right away.

When I am at the candy shop in Richmond, I frequently "taste test" a few pieces of candy while working. All of our employees are actually encouraged to do this from time to time in order to ensure quality.

Recently however, my ability to use restrain when it comes to eating our chocolate has been tested – at home.

I brought home to my sweetie (pictured with me above) a six-piece box of his favorite candies.

Four days ago, there were three milk chocolate Buttered Rum Truffles and three milk-chocolate-covered cherries.

Today, there are two Buttered Rum Truffles and two chocolate-covered cherry pieces still left in the box!

While I know I should be happy that he is choosing to savor his favorite candies, I can't help but be a bit annoyed by the sweet, rich treats that he is leaving out to taunt me each morning.

Recently on our candy shop Facebook page, we heard a delightful story from a woman who's father is a candy saver, too.

In our next post, we'll share her story. It warmed our hearts and gave us a chuckle and we hope you like it, too!

And, as always, if you've got a question for the family or an Anderson's Candy Shop story of your own to share, post a comment below or email me, Katie Anderson, at


  1. Hey Katie,

    It's Christina Flood, I used to work at Anderson's in high school! I just created my account on the website (hard to believe Anderson's has a website and a blog now! When I started working there we didn't even have a cash register...had to add tax and everything by hand!) Anyway, I'm about to order some delicious chocolates and am so excited! How is everything going with you all? From the blog it sounds like things are well. I was reading the entry about spilling the box of chocolates and was reminded of a similar debacle in the back room where we used to dip pretzels and strawberries...but much messier with the whole thing of liquid chocolate...remember that?! Anyway, I hope things are great with you all! Tell everyone that I say hi and I miss you all!


  2. Hi Christina!
    Oh yes... I remember that mess. How embarrassing! Perhaps I will make a blog post about that sometime in the future. Things are well, we've been hit by the bad economy like most small businesses, but we are trying to stay positive and reach out in new ways i.e. Facebook, blog, website. Have a happy holidays and stay in touch!